First & Last Night Nepali Comedy Film

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

A new comedy short movie has just been uploaded in YouTube channel by official site of Ur StyleTV. This time Ur StyleTV team have present a comedy story of a just married couple and their first night story. As the first night is very crucial part of every married life is important, this newly married couple are expecting a lot from this night. Especially, a guy is waiting to his just married wife with lots of hunger and eager.

Wife enters in a room and offer a glass of alcohol for husband. Husband gets sho%%cked with the offer of alcohol instead of milk. He eagerly asks his wife, why an alcohol rather than milk. She smiles and replies him that it is the beat way to celebrate their first night. Husband also thinks so and again listen to his wife. His wife reminds of something that he have been informed by his one of the friend. So, he acts as his friend’s suggestion that how many past is in the life of his wife. She brings an envelope towards him and says that the number of rice grain in that envelope is the number of her past boyfriend. He counts and founds that there were seven ex boyfriend in her life. But he gets in dilemma with the 100 rupees note in that envelope. She clears his dilemma that the note is the money worth by selling rice grains collected as her ex boyfriend number.

The whole story of this first night of newly married couple have been presented in a very entertaining manner. It is worth watching for your spare time.

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