F!re Catching Dragon Plant

Dragon plant can initiate  f!*re comes, which may  sound awkward but it is true. This video will clear out all the dilemma regarding this topic. You can clearly see a f!*re coming out from  dragon plant . This plant catches the f!*re and it comes out as a bl@st of fire. It completely bu*rn when we light the fire on it leaves. It works same as a lighter get, which means the f!*re  will come after a lighting of fire and will stop by itself likewise. This plant is similar to a monster plant .

A tre*kker have found a bunch of dragon plant on his way during a trekking in this video. Dragon plant is on the side of the small narrow road, where the vehicles can not go but people use the way as trekking route. He is attempting an experiment with this  plant. He takes out his lighter and  lights the lighter near that plant. And as a result  the plant easily catches the f!*re and starts to burn. Also, it immediately cooled down itself shortly  after got bu*rn

So here in this video you can see the amazing plant that will left you sho*ck.

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