Goose @tt@*ck On 5 Year Old Girl Goes V!r@l

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Lately, Houston little girl of 5-year-old have gain a lot of popularity whole over the world because of the social sites. A video of her is going vir@l whole over the social sites.

A video of her have been released in social site, where she have been $c@red from a mother goose over the weekend.The photo of the sc@ry inc!dent with that little girl was taken by her neighbor. Later, her sister tweeted, which went vir@l  in the various social sites.

A five years ole Summer Gidden is pictured in the photos of this video. Stevie, Summer cam across and !nj*ured gosling Sunday and was tending to it.

This video is all filled with the photos snapped by the neighbor where you can see  a goose @tt@ck!ng a little girl. Stevie posted the pictures on her Twitter account which is getting v!r@l where this photos had more than 47,000 re-tweets and 62,000 likes.

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