Home Remedies To Reduce Weight

Some tips that helps you to reduce the weight staying on home;

Tomato contains beta-carotene and lycopene and it contains more fiber and less calorie which will help to reduce the weight. Beta-carotene is very important for the body.

Honey and lemon
Eating the honey and lemon mixed will reduce the weight. For this you need to make hot lemon with honey where you need to keep the black pepper. Drinking it every morning will help to reduce the weight.

Apple Juice
If you can drink apple juice every morning than this will help you to reduce weight. This will improve the blood transmission which activates the entire organs of the body and reduces the development of fat.

Green tea
Tea is one of the favorite drink on Nepalese. Drinking green tea instead of milk tea is very beneficial. This will fulfill the need of tea other this contains polyphenols name elements which helps to reduce the fat of the body.

Bottle gourd
In bottle gourd there will be the high amount of water and fiber. You can eat this as a vegetables as well as in juice. 100 gram juice contains only 12 calorie.

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