How Does Free Apps & Games Makes Money?

Once in a life time,ever single person raise a question that how does free apps and games makes money?

Everytime you play games like candy crush or zombie free apps and games company are making a money. Your every second in them are the source of incoming  for those company.

But you might say how does they earns money and there will be the answer advertisement but how does they earn when the people watch that advertisement on screen.And some of the game makes money  by the advertisement which is Pay-Per-View Model.

Some of the free games are not used by the people but how does it earns even after it’s free?

Some of the company is paid for advertising and even the company gets paid to remove that advertisement. You might not believe that 90% of people pays to remove the advertisement yearly.

Similarly there are some of the games where the money is required to by. This type of money making is called micro-transaction. To prove yourself better you need to buy something and around 5% of people pays this amount for this purpose.

This is not enough company adopts the another way to earn the money from this which is called multiplayer.

The importance of multiplayer is that this attracts people towards the game. For the competition people plays the game. There are the various community of the players from different countries which increases the importance of game. And as the increment of user they will click the advertisement and the income source increases.

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