Indian media claims Raju Rijal to be an Indian

An Indian youth cricketer claimed that the captain of Nepali under 19 cricket team is 24 years old. This has created a full ch@os in Indian media. Even after India won the match, this issue has been taken by the Indian media to a complete new level. A threat also has been placed by the Indian media about cancelling the game and that Nepal has been careless regarding the age in the under age games.After the game between India and Nepal, an Indian cricketer was found posting a status in his Facebook that Raju Rijal, the captain of Nepali under 19 teamis not below the age of 19 and lied about his age this whole time.

This issue has been headline news of every Indian channels right after kaustavPawar, the Indian cricketer posted the status in Facebook.

Kaustav even claimed that he knew Raju from very earlier as he played cricket with Raju in Mumbai together and that Raju has two different last names; Raju Rijal in Nepal and Raju Sharma in India.Many questions have been raised regarding the real identity of Raju Rijal, whether Raju is Nepali or Indian. The Indian media also claimed that this same Raju Rijal had been to Mumbai as one of the 20-22 boys to play cricket from Northern India but was called Raju Sharma at that time.

The Indian media said that Raju Rijal is around 25 years which makes him very much unqualified to participate in the Cricket program which was held in India and Bangladesh. Times of India claimed that Raju was invited to India from Varanasi and was placed in the under 15 team which was coached by Suresh Shetty. But now he plays as a captain for Nepal from under 19 team.

This whole issue was only generated out of what kaustav had posted in Facebook.

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