Lions hu&nt and k!ll a buffalo

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Lions are king of the jungle as they are most d@ngerou$ wild animals. It h@u)nt the other animals for their food. It has the strength and capability for h@u%nt of other more d@ngerou$ animals including human beings. This video is all about the hu&&nt!ng of male lions to a buffalo to feed their hunger.

There are three  lion in this video who are  in search of the food desperately. They were hunt!ng and after a full week of hunting those three male lions succeed to k!ll the buffalo. More than 400 buffaloes came to rescue that v!ct!m buffalo but could not. This video shoot was done at South Africa where the film was made at Inyati game lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

This video is too wild and h!ll@r!o$ where you can see the power of the lion. Despite of four hundred buffalo attempt for rescue, three lions have succeed to hu%%nt a buffalo.

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