Mahendra Belbase’s New music video Yaad aayo

A new music video by Mahendra belbase has been uploaded recently. The song is called Yaad aayo. This song has been uploaded successfully in the official YouTube channel of Music Nepal. The singer of this song is Mahendra Belbase and the music has been composed by the singer Mahendra himself. The writer of the lyrics is Bhairav Paudel. This music video has been directed by Bishnu Bhattarai. The male artist in this song is Rebel whereas the female artist is Sabina.

About the song, the title itself reflects that it is a kind of nostalgic song. This song falls under the sentimental category. In this song, there is a man who is a huge flirt. He has his own girl. Despite his girl, he flirts with other girls and goes with them ignoring his own girl. The girl is very lovely and loves the man very much. The man is too blind to see the love she has for him and all the efforts she puts for him. That is the reason; the girl leaves the guy with a big disappointment. And right after she is gone, the man starts missing her and realizes the true value of his own girl who is now not with her. As the saying, we come to understand a true value of something after its gone; the man becomes very sad and also has a deep regret. Not a day passes by when he does not miss her and remembers her love. Though he wants her back, it’s too late as she has already left him. Only choice left with him is to remember how she used to be.

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