Ncell brings new brand logo

Ncell Pvt Ltd and Axiata Group Berhad have announced the unveiling of new brand logo of ‘Ncell – an Axiata company’ on Tuesday. Axiata is the sole investor in Reynolds Holdings, which holds 80 per cent shares of Ncell.
The rebranding of Ncell marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the company, according to a media release issued today. Ncell and Axiata are committed over the long-term, to invest and contribute to Nepal’s development by building quality networks and bringing connectivity to people in the remotest areas of the country.


To date, Ncell has invested Rs 74 billion in 2G/3G GSM networks as part of its commitment to bring connectivity to the Nepali consumers. Cutting-edge technology such as 4G/LTE would allow users to experience more advanced features and applications on their mobile devices. Therefore, the company is looking forward to imminently receiving the 4G/LTE spectrum from the Nepal Telecommunications Authority in order to serve the community better.

In addition to the Rs 12 billion Ncell has committed in capital expenditure (capex) investment in 2016, Ncell now pledges to invest Rs 70 billion in capex and operating expense over the next two years as part of its commitment to deliver exceptional performance for its loyal Nepali customers, the release adds.

Source: The Himalayan Times


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