Nepali Short Movie Machamuni

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

A ho%%t rom@nce of priest and a housewife have been presented by Coolen TV this time. A priest have come in a house for worship. He is making a canting and all rituals. After certain time, he calls a wife of a man with his code language, which is not understand by the husband of a wife.

Priest asks him to offer some money for God and he will come after offering all the things to the God and dem!$e person.Man says okey but silently his wife also goes to priest. They in a rush starts to have phy$!c@l relation. They deceived the man and enjoy their ho**t romance. They even don’t let a chance to doubt on him. Quickly, they finishes the thing and go back.

Priest come back and says that he was tangled with some problem. Man believes on him and again starts their worshiping and ritual. Thus, it is huge deceived to a man by his wife and a priest.

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