Never Use Towel After Washing Face

This is an especially important tip for all people who suffer from pimples, acne, and blackheads – do not use a towel after washing your face. Instead, after each washing should be easy to dry the skin with paper tissues, napkins or pads that can immediately be discarded.


But, did you know that? Used towel in contact with the skin can make a real mess?
If you suffer from an acne and persistent pimple, bacteria that are found on your skin with every touch with a towel cross on it with water. Leaving the wet towel to stand in a wet bathroom, is literally like you put bacteria in your bathroom and asked them to reproduce as much as possible.

It is known that the moist environment ideal for the growth of bacteria, and because of that the towels are like bacteria farms. Overall towel for face should not be used more than once, and each time has to be clean.

Since it is almost impossible and highly impractical that for each face wash mess up a new towel. That would mean two pieces each day only for the face. More and more women are turning to alternatives in the form of paper tissues, swabs, or even toilet paper that is used only for the face.
Try it; the skin will thank you!

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