New Bicycle Invention With 4 GB RAM

China’s LeEco is among the companies which is trying to get very popular in the world, which has now invented a very shocking and amazing bicycle called Le Syvrac.The bicycle is the combination of a mountain bike and smartphone and it has a android operated 4 inch display between the handles which runs on a quad core processor and a 4 GB Ram. And the bicycle also has laser, heart beat sensor and a camera.

LeEco's Le Syvrac (2)

With every thing that we normally use getting smarter, it is not a new thing for a cycle to become smart. Not a few days ago, a smart bed was invented a French company and people have even started to work on inventing a smart umbrella. Two lasers have also been incorporated in the cycle which throws a red laser beam and the screen between the handle shows how far other vehicles are running for the bicycle. Sensors have also been fitted in the back and front wheel of the cycle to know how much and where the cycle is travelling. it also detects at which speed the cycle is travelling. The data can be uploaded through the medium of smartphone.

Company has tried to make the cycle as smart as possible. The cycle has already been started to be sold in some parts of China ranging from 800 to 6 thousand dollars. The company has revealed that the price will range depending upon the materials used while inventing the cycle.

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