Paisako Lagi Ho^t Short Movie

Sometimes for some people money becomes everything. They will be blind folded with the greed of money. They won’t be able to see any other things besides money. Even the emotions and love will be meaningless for them at some moment. They will throw out every thing for money and go for grabbing money in their hand.

This is the subject matter of just released new short ho^t movie “Paisako Lagi”. A girl who have made an oath of living forever together have been taen over by random guy just because of money. She is giving her everything to that rich guy, even her body. She is feeling good to be surround by a guy, who have enough money to pay her.

Her love and promises to her love was all just for a moment, which blow away with the wind of money. She is forgetting everything and enjoying with some other guy who have good amount money to fulfill her every demand.

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