PASHCHATAAP New Nepali Short Movie

”PASHCHATAAP” is a new short movie with a social message. This short movie is to realize people of our society that the earth  is round, that means what you give will come around back to you, so think before your treat.A beggar who every time used to beg on the road and ask for something so that he could run his daily life. Many people came there and gave him sympathy as well as whatever they could give. He had so innocent face and he was kinds with all but his fate made him a beggar. He had no any option rather than begging and running his daily life.

One girl who looked rich and fulfilled came there and saw him begging there. Many people gave him something but that girl sees him and gave a bad look and she treated him wrong as well as he ignored him giving him some bad speech. As she was walking after some distance she gets hit by the stone and problem came on her leg but that same beggar helped him and she felt regret for behaving wrong with him.

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