Problems causes by Stress

Stress itself is not a disease but it causes numerous illness and disease, which are d@ngerous for health.Some of the impacts on health due to stress are given below;


If you cannot manage the stress or tension than you will go through depression and other strong mental disease is developed.

People who takes tension will suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes types of disease.

Se*xual Life:
Due to stress people won’t have interest to get involved in se*xual !nter$cour$e because the elements that is formed due to stress stops the elements that creates the se*xual interest.People who take stress will have less s*x hormone that is testosterone.

Hair Fall:
When you take tension there will be the development of Cortes hormone which makes the root of the hair weak and the hair starts to fall.

Teeth D@m@ge:
People who takes stress will suffer from the teeth problems and the problems occurs on the saliva as well.

Weak Heart:
When you take tension the muscles of the heart gets weak. Stress hormone increases the heart beat and it creates problem in blood transmission and such people will have the risk of heart @tt@ck.

The cells will develop slow cell and you take tension and that will make you old. There will be the wrinkles, the muscles of the face gets weak, eyes gets week like in old age.

Weak Immunity Power:
People who takes stress will have less immunity power due to which person suffers from common cold, fever etc.

Affects the Gene:
There will the change in gene and the fatness will increase, immunization power decreases and the health gets modified.

Affects Brain:
The hypothalamus gets d@m@ged due to the stress which results the memory power.

Dis-figuration of the body:
Due to the stress the fatness and the interest on sweet food increases that will take the body towards dis-figuration and there will be the varieties of disease in the body.

Body pain:
The minerals gets decreased due to the tension and stress and the regular tension will cause the body pain problem.

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