Rajesh Hamal Meet Salman Khan


Rajesh Hamal is the most celebrated and versatile Nepalese actor widely recognized in Nepal with immense popularity quoted as the standard Nepali hero. Rajesh Hamal is the king of hero and every people known Rajesh as the Nepali Salman khan in Nepali Film industry due to his some character is match with Salman khan. The common things between them are that they both were unmarried in the past.

We know that the Salman khan is the richest and mostly popular actor in the Bollywood industry and in the Kollywood industry, Rajesh Hamal is one of the energetic, Heighty, Good Acting in fighting action and he has strong voice and charming personality with attractive body as like Salman khan showed his body in sultan movie and Rajesh also shown his body in the earlier movie. Rajesh hamal is well educated person that he has completed master from Chandigarh University and earned a BA in English Literature.

So when we analyze from different prospective, our Rajesh Dai is no less than Salman khan.

But now Rajesh Hamal is not remaining same king of the hero and Nepali Salman khan in Kollywood industry after he ended marriage with his girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai in 2014 from a long time relationship.

And not so gains popularity in the recent time. So, now he is trying to came back in the popularity with the new Movie “Sakuntala “



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