Room Booking: A New Nepali Short Movie


Booking rooms in hotels and lodges are very much common for the purpose of se*u@l activities these days. Guest houses, hotels and lodges have been a place for many people to satisfy their se*ua@l needs. They are also a place for prostitution. People book rooms in such places for few hours and then indulge in activities with their partners. Not only such se*u@l activities are performed but illegal activities are also carried out in such places. That is the reason why police often raid such places.And to no surprise, people do get arrested quite often for such activities.

This short nepali movie has been uploaded on YouTube. This movie is about what actually goes on inside a guest house. There is a girl in this video who finds a guest house, goes there and then books a room for two hours. She is also questioned whether she is alone or expecting someone to be there. Then, she replies that she is hoping her brother to be there later on. After that, the person behind the counter takes her to show a room. She confirms the room and goes inside the room closing the door. She is quite upset about waiting for the person.

Later, the man who she was expecting comes to the guest house. He then asks the person sitting on the front desk about the girl. The man tells him the room number and he goes straight to the room. There he sees the girl who was waiting for him. The girl then pulls him closer to herself in the bed. There they chitchat for a while and then starts to getting on the mood. In the end, they complete their activities.

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