Short Movie Bakhra Herna Jaada

Here comes an !nt!m@te story of a young goatherd girl and a guy. This story have been made the theme of a short movie title “Bakhra Herna Jaada”. This short movie may not appropriate for all age group. The $en$u@l story of this fictional short movie revolves around a dense jungle.A girl and guy who have come in jungle with their goats makes some conversation at the starting. Later, they went to roam around the jungle to find a lost female goat of a girl.

They could not find out the goat. So, guy again asks for the clue where she have lost her. Then, with a smile face girl replies him that goat was just an excuse. Actually, she was desperate to have !nt!m@te time with him. Then, guy also makes a happy face and goes for an action.They makes a phy$!c@l relation in that dense jungle. Thus, this is a ho**t and !nt!m@te story of two goatherd in the dense jungle.

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