Signs that a man’s ready for marriage

Relationship can be confusing some time. You will not be able to read your partner’s mind.You want to get married and settle down desperately but don’t know what is going on inside the head of your dearest partner. Well you have found solution to your dilemmThere is a way you can tell if marriage is on his mind or not, if he thinks you are his future wife or not: by taking hints from his actions.

Here are four hints that a man has present-day potential to become a mate for life:

He starts to build a habit of saving for better future.

He says “we” rather than i or me.

He tries to be friends with married men and learns to be more responsible.

He plans a vacation together.

He tries to sort out differences.

He tries a lot to make you happy.

He also plans to invest in your future.

He can’t get enough of you

He introduces you to everyone he knows

He takes you to meet his parents.

He starts to look for good houses.

He talks about childrens.

He is really open about his feelings.

He’s extra attentive to your conversations.

He starts to make future plans.

He invites you to his house.

There is extra romance in the air.

He makes effort to understand your problems.

He misses you lot when you are not around.

He is not interested in other girls.

He wants to live together.

He doesnot run away during hard times.

He wants to meet your family too.



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