Some Bitter Truths That Will Improve Your Life

Never Judge anyone by his/her clothes.

Complaining about things doesn’t solve problems

If you can’t love yourself, don’t get a partner

No one shares his/her personal life with any other human being

Love and Lust are getting close to each other

Few people have sweetness in mouth and venom in heart

Enjoy the present moment than worrying about past or future

Nothing is constant in this world

Parent’s love is the pure form of LOVE and you can’t get it from any other person

You are the only one who stands for you

Do you want to change the world. Change yourself first.

Be a good follower. Be a good leader. Learn to be both.

Everyone has virtues and vices; whether it’s you, your loved one, your favorite player or your PM.

When you’re feeling alone. Wear a smile and offer free hugs. You and many others will feel better.

Be a bit mysterious. It makes people curious to know more about you.

Talk with conviction. Make someone believe in your words. You can do that only by being brutally honest yet candid.

When you’re struck in life, have patience and focus on the game- HOW TO GET OUT OF THE MAZE.

There is always a better way to solve problems than you always solve. So, keep learning.

People fascinate for things that seems beyond their reach. Employer wants candidates that are not needy. A girl or boy gets attracted to the one who is already in demand.

“Friends forever” is a myth. A joke. With time,many will leave you and you will leave many.
True friends are few,maybe one or two.

You’ll be alone in the most difficult times of your life. These times will make you wise,mature and fearless.

Nobody will help you. You gotta help yourself.

Your health and career will only thank you,reward you in future; And not people.

You will meet a lot of fake people; learn to identify such people and maintain a healthy distance.

You will be pulled down out of jealously; don’t get surprised. Its normal.

You’ll be cheated,betrayed by your close ones, don’t get surprised. Smile. And move on.

People will treat you according to their need and greed.

lifeको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Being successful in the profession which is your passion is very hard. Because there are people who are always ready to pull you back whenever you are down.

99% of people around you are trying to make you one among them. Because they don’t want you to be unique.

The people you love the most may leave you all of sudden. Because they might have found a better horse than you to ride.

First plan, first attempt, first propose have least tendency to give you success. So never stick to FIRST, keep changing plans, keep attempting, keep proposing.

Almost everyone in your circle of good relation are jealous of your success and the love they show is just on their tongue.

lifeको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Never expect the love back from anyone, literally anyone.

Never help anyone unless they ask you help.

You will never know the real pain unless you experience it.

Once you are going through bad phase, that will continue for long time.

lifeको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Most of the time friends wont help you when you need it most, even though you helped them the most.

No one stays with you in your sad time, at least they don’t talk to you when you are in sorrow.

If you have a problem go fix it, you may be late at times but you will be a hero for sure.

No one in this world will remain with you till you die, but when they are with you show them that no life is beautiful without you.

Love is something which should be always given, do not expect back.

Only when you fail in your life, you will know the real value of success.

When you fail in your life you will have no one around you.

Never ever run behind money, run behind love, heart, respect.

Love is sacred to those who have never been in love.

lifeको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Money is more integral to happiness than romantic love.

Those who are financially sound always get an upper hand over those with skills but empty pockets.

A secret never remain secret if you tell it to someone. If you can share it with somebody, they too can!


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