Some Way to Create Emotional intimacy with your sexual partner

What is Emotional Sex?


Dr Parul Tank, consultant psychiatrist, says, “Emotional sex is a friendship that gives you a similar high as romantic love. It usually happens while chatting online or when you have close friendships with the opposite sex, which may or may not lead to any physical intimacy.”

Some Way to Create Emotional intimacy with your sexual partner

Here are five strategies that will help bring emotional intimacy to a Romantic Relationship.

  • Recognize your own emotional experiences with your partner. If you feel sad, disappointed, angry, label the emotions. Do not dismiss them. Find the words to describe what you are feeling.
  • For women, sex is always emotional, so cementing or repairing a relationship is often helped by returning to courtship behavior, which is intimate without being too pressured.
  • Some women ignore when a man indirectly or even directly demonstrates that he is intimacy avoidance. Notice what he is communicating. Are certain topics are off limits with your partner? Are you careful and excessively thoughtful about his reactions before you bring up certain issues with him? These are all signs that there is little emotional intimacy present.
  • Be ready with a compliment. Receiving one makes you feel like you’ve just been hit by a ray of sunshine and creates so many positive feelings, gestures, words and actions.
  • Work to accept where your partners are as opposed to working to change them into what you want them to be. Directly communicating where you are in the relationship is important but equally important is hearing and accepting where he is.
  • It is also important to assess how you feel about your partner in a sexual context. Notice if you feel inhibited or overly concerned about your appearance when in the presence of your partner. Do you feel your partner values you, but only when it is convenient for him to do so or only in a sexual context? Do you Fantasize about doing other nonsexual activities with your partner but, in actuality, spend little time together




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