10 things women do that turn men off

Relationship can get complicated sometime.We cant get what is bothering our partner.We tend to hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. So here we have brought some of the things which turn off men.

Too much nagging

 Excessive self-centeredness.Image result for couples fight

 Pretending to be dumb to get attention. You’re not stupid, so don’t play.

 Pretending to be clumsy.

Devaluing Our Friendships

Dressing inappropriately.

Being suspicious.

Not giving support.

Being on your cell phone all the time. 

Fast-forwarding to the Future.Image result for couples fight

Trying to get him to act jealous. 

 Playing hard to get.

 Lying about your wants. 



But also, being too open-minded. 

Having a Superiority Complex

Helplessness. Image result for couples fight

Treating your social media accounts like it’s your job. 

 Not reciprocating things. 

 Not complimenting them. 

Flirting with other men.