7 Things We Do After Break Up

Couples are constantly hooking up and breaking up. And breakups come in many forms these days. We are in great pain and we find our self in devastating state.

One person may act all cool and calm after the break up while other may express their pain.One person involved could experience a breakup, while the other person just got bored and didn’t see a point in further communicating.

We’re all scared, and we don’t always know how to rationally deal with someone entering and exiting our lives.

Here are the 7 things we all love to do after break up.

1. Word vomit


This is an initial stage in which we are not able to forget about our ex. We keep on talking about them. We miss them to great extend. We have been through that stage of breakup where we just can’t stop talking about her ex, to the point of madness.

We complain to the point of exhaustion, yet still can’t get enough out. The conversations start to go on replay. It can seem endless and extremely frustrating to endure.

2. Get drunk and get crazy


In this stage we get drunk in a crazy way and starts missing our ex again. Well apart from missing we start making phone calls and sexting them. Next day we wake up in embarrassing   state.

3. Stalk him.


Well here you start to stalk him.You feel like seeing  their activites and go through their profile.You convince yourself you’re over him, but then you happen to see his face on your timeline — regardless of which social media outlet you happen to be glancing through.You wonder who he’s with, and you feel like you are actually still communicating with him.

4. Label him a PLAYBOY


Labelling him as playboy and other dirty stuff makes us feel good. It gives of initial relief and temporary satisfaction, tearing someone else down with negative labels gives us pleasure.


5. Expose or overstate his flaws


We start pinpointing all the mistakes of our ex. Small detail which we used to overlook now becomes a great deal to us.


6. Try and be friends


Then you to stage six where you will do anything to be friend with him.You start being nice to him and then will take any step to be with him. You believe things will go well, so you start to believe that things could eventually get back to where they were.

7. Move on


Last stage is that when everything fails you start to realize that may be this relation is not worth your time and effort. Accepting heartbreak and disappointment, and being able to cope with it will not only help you grow as a person, but will also leave you more indestructible.