Actresses Who choose to marry Intercast

Around decades ago, Inter caste marriages were really a tough job to get accepted in our societies. Still our celebs managed to do so and became many couples inspiration. I personally think whether it is inter caste or inter religion, go for the person you want to be with. And that’s what our celebs did. Here I have made a list of the celebrity couples who went through an inter-caste marriage. Let’s take a close look into it.

Karishma Manandar


Actress Karishma KC married Binod Manandhar when they met at the sets of Nepali movie ‘Kasturi’. Binod and Karishma Manandhar have a daughter named Kabita Manandhar .

Simpal Khanal


Actress Simpal Khanal married a businessman of Indian origin, living in the UK in January 2016. The marriage and engagement ceremony were held in Yak and Yeti hotel. Her husband name is Nadeem.

Bipana Thapa


Actress  Bipana Thapa is married to an Indian national and has left the movie industry after marriage. She is living as a housewife in India, but is expecting to return to the movie industry in near future.

Garima Pant


The award winning actress of ‘Jhola’, Garima Pant had secretly married a NRN living in Belgium, Hari Sharma Thapaliya. Hari Sharma Thapaliya is her husband.

Melina Manandhar


 Actress  Melina Manandhar met actor Mukesh Dhakal during the shooting of a movie and after an affair, they got married on Asoj 14, 2056. Mukesh is a few years younger than Melina. They have a 2-year-old daughter.

Saranga Shrestha


 Nepali actress  Saranga Shrestha  had married a US citizen. After living together for some time she had divorced and has recently announced an engagement to Ramesh Karki, a resident of Maryland, USA.  Originally from Myagdi Nepal, 34-year-old Ramesh is two years younger than Saranga. Saranga and Ramesh are planning a court marriage in February. The actual marriage according to our tradition is scheduled after 6-months of living together.

Saujanya Subba


Saujanya Subba had married to the son of Ex-Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, Bhupen Chand. Already married Bhupen hasn’t divorced his previous wife. Saujanya had been divorced for a while and was in affair with others including film producer and actor Rose Rana.

Jharana Bajracharya


Jharana Bajracharya has married a Malaysian businessman of Indian origin, Rahul Agarwal, in an unannounced marriage ceremony held in Kathmandu on March 12, 2015.

Jenisha Muktan


The Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha married businessman Dikesh on February 27, 2016. Although Zenisha wasn’t featured in many movies, she was nominated for Best Actress in comedy role in Tele Award 2067. Zenisha is a close friend of actress Priyanka Karki. Zenisha’s husband Dikesh also happens to be a cousin of Priyanka.