Actresses and their tantrums

Five Actresses who are popular for their tantrums

Nisha Adhikari


Known as the Queen of tantrums this actor has often been in news for her outbursts. According to a report on Mid-day, Nisha Adhikari once created quite a scene unnecessarily while she was in shooting.. This turned out to be a huge expense for the production team who were having a tough time managing her demands. Nor does she talk to her crew members directly even if they are standing next to her. She gives orders to her manager who in turn talks to the crew.

Binita Baral


According to a report Found on media buzz Binita Baral s known for throwing tantrums. Reportedly, she put several conditions in front of Chapali height director before agreeing to do his film. A few of her conditions included casting only A- list celebs with her. She also denied doing any love-making scenes. It didn’t end there! The actor was recently in news for throwing tantrums on a fan, which approached her to greet and click a picture at a busy airport.

Keki Adhikari


She is one of the few actresses who are allegedly known for throwing the most tantrums in Kollywood. Reportedly, Keki always flaunts her negative attitude while shooting with her co-actors and her fans also.

Rekha Thapa


Rekha Thapa is also known for having a short temper reportedly grabbed the fan’s mobile phone while he was trying to take his photos and threw it on the ground. The fan was hurt and even told that he was really hurt. She is very demanding and is often late for work as well.

Samragyee R.L.D. Shah


Barely a few films old and Samragyee is already said to have started showing off her diva colors. She looks like a girl next door but watch out for her temper. She is famed for crossing the lines of limits both onscreen and off-screen to shock people more too often for her fans to be comfortable with.