10 benefits of Almond

1. Magnesium found in almond reduces the possibility of heart @tt@cks .
2. Eating almond controls the blood sugar.
3. Almond is a good source of potassium so it helps to control the pressure.
4. It prevents the body from infection and increases the immune system.
5. It is abundant in protein , which makes hair shiny and soft.
6. It is rich in amount of vitamin E and anti-oxidant, which gives healthy and bright skin.
7. Vitamin B-17 is found in sufficient quantity in it, which decreases the r!$k of the cancer
8. Vitamin E of almond increases the power of eyes.
9. Omega-3 acids found in almond, which increases memory.
10.Fiber is in good amount in almond that helps in easy circulation of digestion.