Did You Know?

  • Sleeping without a pillow reduces back pain and keeps your spine strong.


  • Eating chocolate while studying will help the brain retain information slowly.


  • Putting dry tea bags in smelly shoes or bags removes unpleasant smell.


  • A good laugh and a long sleep cures all the stress.


  • A person’s height is determined by father and weight is determined by  mother.


  • Music is few activity that utilizes entire brain.


  • Wear a nice shoe because that is the first thing people notice about you.


  • Laughter destroys tumor cells and reduces risk of cancer by 25%.



  • According to Albert Einstein,if bees were to disappeared from on earth then humans would be dead within four years.





Breeze Watson- A pregnant lady lifts 205lb

Namaste Nepal Reports

Breeze Watson who is soon to be mum continues her grueling cross in the final stage of her pregnancy. This strong lady practices cross fit which is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastic and intensive cardio six days a week.

She is also dea**d lifting 205lb weights and also goes into labor anytime of her day. A pregnant weightlifter is encouraging other expected mother to stay super active during pregnancy. She has faced lot of criticism but the 31 year fitness instructor ignores the claims and says she feels stronger and healthier every single day. She also has a full support of her husband.




Amazing facts about dreams


Dreaming is one of the most mysterious and interesting experiences in our lives.

This list contains  fascinating facts about dreams.dream

  • You forget 90% of your dream.
  • Blind people also dream
  • Negative emotions are common
  • In our dreams we see the face of known people from our life
  • We forget most of our dream
  • Every single person in this dream
  • We can’t control our dreams
  • We are paralyzed during sleep
  • Not all dream are in color
  • Men and women dream differently
  • External stimuli invade our dreams
  • Quitters have more vivid dreams
  • Dreams are symbolic
  • We can have five to seven dreams in one night
  • Animals dreams too
  • If we are snoring, then we cannot be dreaming.

Facts For Science Lovers That Will Amaze You

In this twenty first century we people believe on science,its invention and facts proved by the scientist and researchers.

But still there are the questions raised by seeing some of the things.We can find its two sides. In one side it is justified by the researchers while in the other hand we come to the comparison and with lots of questions with how and why???

Similar facts of science has been represented by a channel on YouTube that is “BuzzFeedBlue”. The facts listed by BuzzFeed Blue is not only enlightening but entertaining too.

The backbenchers may find this video quiet interesting as it reveals the practicality of science rather than just the normal textbook information.

So dear science lovers here is a treat for you all, especially, the ones who like reading weird facts.Watch the above  video, it will definitely amaze you.