Music Composer Amber Gurung of National Anthem “Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka” is no more


Amber Gurung is well known Musician, Music Composer, Singer And Lyricist of Nepali Music Industry and He is Famous for many things but People Known him as Music Composer Of Nepal National Anthem “Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka“.

Sayaű thűgā phūlkā hāmī, euṭai mālā nepālī

Sārwabhaum bhai phailiekā, Mechi-Mahākālī

Prakritikā kotī-kotī sampadāko ā̃chala,
bīrharūkā ragata le, swatantra ra aṭala
Gyānabhūmi, śhāntibhūmi Tarāī, pahād, himāla
Akhaṇḍa yo pyāro hāmro mātṛibhūmi Nepāla
Bahul jāti, bhāṣhā, dharma, sãnskr̥ti chan biśhāla

Agragāmī rāṣhṭra hāmro, jaya jaya Nepāla

Mahasangeetkar(the great musician), Amber Gurung was born in Darjeeling, India, where his father, Ujir Singh Gurung, a former soldier in the British Indian Army, was serving as a policeman from Gorkha district, Nepal. His mother encouraged him to sing and compose as a child, and he taught himself to play both Nepali, Indian and Western instruments. He studied at Turnbull School, Darjeeling, where he had fallen in love with music singing Bible hymns.

In the 1950s, one of his important associations was with the Nepali poet Agam Singh Giri. He became the headmaster of Bhanu Bhakta School founded by Giri and instituted a music school, the Art Academy of Music, in the school’s premises. He recorded his famous song “Nau Lakh Tara” (a song about the sufferings of the Nepali diaspora in India) in the early 1960s, written by Agam Singh Giri. His students at his academy included musicians and singers such as Gopal Yonzon, Karma Yonzon, Aruna Lama, Sharan Pradhan, Peter Karthak, Indra Gajmer, Jitendra Bardewa and Ranjit Gazmer. He worked as the Music Chief of Folk Entertainment Unit, Government of West Bengal, Darjeeling from 1962 to 1965. Here, he was barred from singing or recording songs outside the unit. He moved and settled to Kathmandu, Nepal in 1969.

-source wikipedia


Gurung breathed his last during the course of treatment at the Dhapasi-based Grande International Hospital at 2:37 am on Tuesday. He was 79.

He suffered from hypertension, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.