When Ameesha Patel lost her cool on the media?


Actress Ameesha Patel, who has grabbed headlines for wrong reasons more than the right ones in her 15-year-long career, has done it yet again. Recently, the actress was seen in a very foul mood on the sets of her upcoming film ‘Bhaiyajji Superhitt’ which has been in the making for more than half a decade.

Reportedly, the actress was totally unaware that the producer and director had arranged for media interactions with the star cast. Strangely, none of the actors, including Sunny Deol, Ameesha and Preity Zinta were aware about this development till they spotted media on the sets. Ameesha, who was in a foul mood for not being informed about the press meet, vented out her anger on the press people. When addressed as Ameesha, the actress shot back saying, ‘Ameeshaji boliye’. It just doesn’t end here. Later, when the actress was asked about her disappearance act for three years after a dud like Shortcut Romeo in 2013, the actress retaliated at the journo saying that if he had brains, he would know that she was busy setting up her production house. Sadly, the media had to bear the brunt of Ameesha’s bad mood and that too for no fault of theirs.





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