TIMRO YAAD By Amrit Bhandari

Amrit Bhandari have released his song title TIMRO YAAD where Rajkumar Bagar have written the lyrics and also have given the music for this song. Supari Music have made the marketing for this music video and the song. Prakash Dhital have directed the music video of this song and he have featured artists Rupa and Parash. They are making quite good work on the music video. Tekendra Shah have edited the music video and have been filmed in the camera with Gyanendra Shah.

This muisc video song is portraying the very sentiment emotion of a guy. Actor Parah in the music video have been going through hardship in his life because of Rupa. A girl who was everything for him, have left him and have been living another life. She is no more with him. This reality have given a great wound for Parash. He is still in $h)ck and trauma.