Sandhai Timro By Amrit Raison


Here is a new song Sandhai Timro, where you can visualize h@rdship to settle alone when you gets departed from the one you love.It is a tragedy Nepali song where relationship is breakind down though both parties are hungrily wanted toe end together. In this song you can see a loving couples whose relationship was very happy but like in every relationship there comes the argue and one day the girl sees his man with someone else. She saw him holding that girl, that broke her apart and she decided to give him the divorce. Than their relation comes to the end though both of them loves each other equally.

Such a wonderful song is written by Sam Limbu, he composed the music of this song where the melody is filled by Amrit Raison. Promise Rai, Phoebe Rimal and Renuka Rai are the main characters of this song. The story is based on them and they had shown it in a very natural way and the video was directed by Bryan Rai and edited by Binay Kansakar.