Up Coming Super Star- Anubhav Regmi

Anubhav  is the most love child actor who has come to limelight with his skills and has made audiences going gaga over her innocent and endearing performances.

The kid with the bunny-teeth in Nai Na Bhannu La ( series), brought tears in the eyes of the movie goers with his innocence in the film. The movie was a box office success and it still etched in the memories of people. It has the power and emotional appeal to melt the viewer, no matter from age group he/she belongs.It was every bit an outstanding act. He has emerged as the most talented child actor in the film industry. After attaining such fame and stardom he is currently a 9-year-old school student studying in class 4. Well, we will wait for his next big flick Shabda.Anyway, the cutie pie of the Nepalese movie industry Anubhav Regmi is the son of Nepali movie technician Arun Regmi and yesterday year actress Kabita Regmi.
So I have decided to put together 10 facts you probably didn’t know about this innocent soul!

  • He started acting at the tender age of 4.
  • His first movie was Visa Girl.
  • He has acted in more than 10 films.
  • His favorite food is pani puri.
  • His wanted to act after watching Bollywood movie dabang.
  • No wonder his favorite actor is Salman Khan.
  • His favorite Nepali actress is Priyanka Karki.
  • His favorite Nepali actor is Bhudhhi Tamang.