Archana’s Cheap Publicity

Once again She has tried to gained cheap publicity from her twitter  account where she has praised herself for her figure which was shocking for all of us.




Archana Paneru was born in 1999 in the Bhasi village of Mahendranagar, Nepal. Prior to entering erotic modeling, Archana attended Little Buddha Academy Mahendranagar and was the second runner off in Price & Princess of Mahendranagar beauty contest. Following the media scandals involving her nude photos, Archana was reportedly expelled from the school. Strongly supported by her mother Sunita Paneru, Archana claims to debut as Nepal’s first professional porn-star.


Paneru who was studying in grade 10 posted nude photos on her facebook page which got good limelight within 24 hours. She also expressed that she wanted to be a porn star like Sunny Leone. When her photos got viral for 24 hours, police took her into custody and after getting caught by police, she dropped her aim to be porn star.

Top 6 Nepali actresses who Drop clothes for fame

  • Binita Baral


Binita Baral is a Nepali actress who became successful with the success of her debut movie ‘Chapali Height’. The sex-content of the movie was the main attraction and on-screen romance of Binita with actors Aamir Gautam and Raj Ghimire was one of the most attractive features of the movie. She was also featured without clothes in the posters of the movie.

  • Archana Paneru


Archana Paneru is a model and actress who dreams to be a porn star and she became fame in the recent time with the negative view of people. She also shows her body with naked and she featured various beds seen.

  • Jiya Kc.


Actress Jiya KC is known for her vulgar roles in movies ‘ATM’ and ‘Barbad’. Both of the movies are banned by the censor board because of excessive sexual contents. Jiya’s other movies haven’t done much in establishing Jiya as an actress. She also shows her body with naked to be fame in the public.

  • Sushma Karki


Sushma is also a very sexy and hot actress in which she has gain lots of fame after she showed her danced in Udreko Choli Song.  As well The poster of ‘Bindaas’ featured Sushma in a very hot pose. Sushma was also featured in a hot bed scene in ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’. But, the movie wasn’t much helpful in creating buzz about the actress.

  • Poojana Pradhan


She is also another hot actress.The hot bed scenes however were much talked about and created buzz about the Jayasangat actress. Hot bed scene with actor Kushal Thapa and photoshoped photo of Poojana were the two most talked about issues of the movie ‘Rakshya’. Although the movie was talked a lot in terms of being hot and sexy, it wasn’t much successful commercially.

  • Arunima Lama

origanl-arunimaActress Arunima Lama is not the lead actress, but she is talked a lot only because she has shed clothes in the movie. In upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’ Arunima is featured as a nude model. She has some bed scenes with actor Rajesh Hamal. 


Who is Archana Paneru ?

Archana Paneru, is the name that got viral in twenty fifteen, and is still at the peak.


She has dreams of being a porn star in near future and now she is model and actress. Recently, her movie has released. The movie name is “Jism” in which she has leading as a main role. Her desired to be looking Sexy and to be porn star after some year. She suddenly got famous after releasing her nude photographs and erotic videos, on social Medias in September twenty fifteen. Her mother Sunita paneru has giving full support to be a porn star or to be a model in sexy look. This teenage girl takes bollywood actress of sketchy past, Sunny Leone, as her idol and her mother as inspiration and recently, she has done many movies and music videos, which indeed made her bit more famous as she as shown bed seen with guy.

Some Unknown Facts of Archana Paneru

  • She is the 2nd runner up of MNR Prince & Princesses beauty contest.
  • She is the Grade 9 student (Little Buddha school kicked her out in Grade 10)
  • Archana Paneru who is otherwise called Nepali Sunny Leone, Archana Paneru 17 years whose genuine name is Kalpana Paneru.
  • She posted her photograph in the Facebook, and her meeting came in you tube you can listen beneath.
  • She needs to be similar to sunny Leone and her dad and mom is advancing her outcome Nepal Police captured both of Mother and little girl.
  • Mother Sunita Paneru also started sharing her photos in skimpy clothing as she also showing her sexy look in various photographs.
  • Nobody can give her room in Kathmandu to live due to her negative fame in the internet.
  • Archana changed her religion to Christian. Archana expected the religion to help in her desire to be a big star.




Ho**t Bed Ro^^m@nce of Archana Paneru

Archana Paneru now has been familiar name for all the people in Nepal, who wanted to become like Sunny Leone in professional life. Her name is known by everybody that she is po*rn star of Nepal. She likes to become a po*rn star till she was 17. Archana gain lots of fame in short period of time. She always came in publicity as a hot or se*xy issues.

She says in interview that she was supported by family especially her mother is fully supported to be po*rn star in Nepal. Before posting semi-nu^de photo on Facebook, nobody had known about her and only after posting those photos. She has been everywhere. And now everyday she is releasing her n@ked photos scene in the internet as well she does several bed sceneswith different guys and ki$$ing and then she highly get popular in the mass publicity.

Now days she is very highly demanding in Se*xy movie at the same time she has been offered from Ji$m movie to feature as a hot and Se*xy actress role. She is also featuring various music video which can attract anybody by her se*xy dance. This time, she does not only post photos but also some videos too. The video she is posting is really sh@meful and despite many people watched her n@ked video so the nobody has good impression about her.