Top 6 Nepali actresses who Drop clothes for fame

  • Binita Baral


Binita Baral is a Nepali actress who became successful with the success of her debut movie ‘Chapali Height’. The sex-content of the movie was the main attraction and on-screen romance of Binita with actors Aamir Gautam and Raj Ghimire was one of the most attractive features of the movie. She was also featured without clothes in the posters of the movie.

  • Archana Paneru


Archana Paneru is a model and actress who dreams to be a porn star and she became fame in the recent time with the negative view of people. She also shows her body with naked and she featured various beds seen.

  • Jiya Kc.


Actress Jiya KC is known for her vulgar roles in movies ‘ATM’ and ‘Barbad’. Both of the movies are banned by the censor board because of excessive sexual contents. Jiya’s other movies haven’t done much in establishing Jiya as an actress. She also shows her body with naked to be fame in the public.

  • Sushma Karki


Sushma is also a very sexy and hot actress in which she has gain lots of fame after she showed her danced in Udreko Choli Song.  As well The poster of ‘Bindaas’ featured Sushma in a very hot pose. Sushma was also featured in a hot bed scene in ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’. But, the movie wasn’t much helpful in creating buzz about the actress.

  • Poojana Pradhan


She is also another hot actress.The hot bed scenes however were much talked about and created buzz about the Jayasangat actress. Hot bed scene with actor Kushal Thapa and photoshoped photo of Poojana were the two most talked about issues of the movie ‘Rakshya’. Although the movie was talked a lot in terms of being hot and sexy, it wasn’t much successful commercially.

  • Arunima Lama

origanl-arunimaActress Arunima Lama is not the lead actress, but she is talked a lot only because she has shed clothes in the movie. In upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’ Arunima is featured as a nude model. She has some bed scenes with actor Rajesh Hamal.