Dherai Pachhi by Baboo Bogati

Singer and actor Baboo Bogati is dressed up to participated in a party. But he have been in a tr@p after coincident meet with his former girlfriend in same party. It will be misery to meet a girl with some other man, whom you have loved a lot, but his girl have been found to be living a hell life.Wait a second, this is not a real life, but a new music video story of Baboo Bogati’s song.

This story teller music video have been launched recently along with his album “Respect”.Taluja. Bhuwan and as a guest artist Melina Manandhar have starred in the music this “Dherai Pachhi” title song’s music video along with singer and actor Baboo. Boo himself have given the music whose music video have been directed bySuraj Shrestha. Hari Humagain is in cinematography and edit is of Prasin Srestha.

The ending of muisc video is such an amazing by saying neither she won nor he looses , decision is in her hand, thus door is open.