Some of the Bar dancer of Nepali Actresses

The profile of Nepali actress who started dancer in a restaurant and bar before debuting in Nepali movies.

Here are some bar dancer of Nepali actresses.

The Nepali actress Priya Rijal started her entertainment career as a bar dancer. Although she couldn’t survive in the movie industry, she is popular actress in music video. She still dances in dance bar and she is earning a lot more after the success of her music video acting career and acting in movies.

  • Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri)


Nepali actress Poojana Pradhan was also a bar dancer in Bajuki Restaurant in Durbarmarg. The director of her debut movie ‘Hero’ Naresh Poudel was a regular visitor of the restaurant who asked the dancer to act in his movie.

  • Ranjita Gurung


A well known music video actress Ranjita Gurung was also a restaurant dancer before starting her career in music video modeling. She stopped dancing in Dohori Restaurants after the success of her music videos. Ranjita had acted in ‘Gorkha Paltan’

  • Samjhana Budhathoki


Samjana Budhathoki is a bar dancer in which has done bar dance in dubai. One of the most popular dancers of folk music videos, Samjhana Budhathoki was also a bar dancer before acting in music videos. Dance director and actor Shankar BC had introduced Samjhana in music video. Samjhana had also acted in a movie named ‘Berojgar’.

  • Sashi Khadka


Actress shashi Kadka was also a bar dancer before she started acting. She used to dance in bars and dance restaurants in Bagbazer area. Sashi had acted in hot roles in movies like ‘Palpalma’, ‘Chandarawati’, and ‘Kina Kina’.

  • Sima KC


Sima was also a bar dancer before stepping into acting. Sima KC started acting in ‘Jungle Love’ of director Babu Balami. Sima is also featured in lead role in an upcoming movie ‘Use’ also by Babu. To date, Sima hasn’t worked with other directors except Babu Balami and she is rumored to be having an affair with the director.

  • Suvekshya Thapa


Another actress Suvekshya Thapa was also a bar dancer before starting acting. She used to dance in Rock Restaurant and Dance in Baneshwor. The dancer known as Suvekshya Timsina became Suvekshya Thapa after she married the owner of the restaurant Anil Thapa.

  • Usha Poudel


Actress Usha Poudel was one of the dancers in Show Palace Dance Bar in Durbar Marg. Usha is also used to seen in TV serial in the earlier time. She debuted in Nepali movie ‘Muna Madan’ as the lead actress. She continued to dance in the restaurant for a long time after entering the film industry.

Top Five Hot Nepali Actress

Sushma Karki


Actress Sushma Karki rose in fame after the success of her item dance, Udreko Choli. She looks beautiful with bikini in the Bindass movies and she has given sexy images with hot pose in the bindass Postor. Sushma was also featured in a hot bed scene in ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’. She is also bar dancer with short dresses.

Binita Baral


Model and actress Kate Upton looks good in almost anything she wears. Binita  is rocked the bikini look in “Chapali Height”. She has given Sex Clips in that movie with naked dresess. The movie was given main attraction and on-screen romance of Binita with actors Aamir Gautam and Raj Ghimire was one of the most attractive features of the movie. She was also featured without clothes in the posters of the movie.

Shristi Sherestha


Shiresthi is a beautiful actress with best toned bodies in Kollywood. She looks hot and sexy in the movie. Shristi seem to be a competition to Sunny in terms of the sensuality in the bollywood music video. Shristi has also played a role in unplugged music video of Bollywood movie Jackpot (2013) “Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse

Poojana Pradhan


Poojana Oradhan is also another hot and sexy actress. Although she debuted with actress Rekha Thapa in ‘Hero’, Poojana hasn’t been that successful in movies. The hot bed scenes however were much talked about and created buzz about the Jayasangat actress. Hot bed scene with actor Kushal Thapa and photoshoped photo of Poojana were the two most talked about issues of the movie ‘Rakshya’.

Arunima Lama


Actress Arunima Lama is not the lead actress, but she is talked a lot only because she has shed clothes in the movie. In upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’ Arunima is featured as a nude model. She has some bed scenes with actor Rajesh Hamal. Arunima however isn’t happy on the film maker’s publicity stunt and exaggerated publicity of her role.



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