A Quick Look at Deepa Shree Niraula

The laughter queen Deepa Singh Neeraula is one of the most aspiring actress in Nepali film Industry. She shot into fame from the popular show Tito Satya. Her pairing opposite Deepak Raj Giri was much appreciated by the audience.


Personal Profile

Name: Deepa Singh Neeraula

Date of Birth: Bhadra 7 2032

Birthplace: Biratnagar

Qualification: IA

Marital Status:Single

Age: 40

Occupation: Actress, Director, RJ and Comedian


This versatile actress started her careers in teleserial agnipath which was much loved by audience and she won best new comer award in 2048.Apart from small screen she has also acted in Big screen movies like ‘Naaso’, ‘Hero’, ‘Gaule’, ‘Ghar Sansar’, ‘Chamatkar’, ‘Sangini’ “Mero Naam”, “ Sukumbasi”, “Surakshya”, “Ghar-Sansar”, “Pareli”, “Chalachitra”, “Chandani”, “Aawara”, “Chautari”, “Khar ko Chano” and so on.

Deepa is the assistant director of the serial. They also have jointly produced the superhit film ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ and upcoming movie ‘Woda Number Chha’ in association with another comedy actor Nirmal Sharma.

She is a famous RJ and known by the name daniya in radio.


She has been acknowledged by various firms for her contribution in Nepalese film industry.She has earned best following awards.
• Best New Comer award; “Aagni-Path”, B.S. 2048
• Public Appreciation award; “Devi”
• Respected via Biratnagar Hidapa Literature Family, B.S. 2054
• “Appreciation Dhaniya”, The 9th Council Felicitation Program Organized
• Tele-Award 2066; “Best Actress” from the comedy serial Tito-Satya