Biography Of Haribansha Acharya


Haribansha Acharya is one of the most noted actors in Nepalese film Industry. He is one of Nepal’s highly respected actors and has a huge fan following that includes many big celebrities. He has been given many awards for his incredible contribution to Nepali Film Industry. His timing and comic sense is admired by a large number of standup comics around the globe. He has been entertaining the Nepalese community for a very long time. He has been involved in the comedy scene with his partner Madan Krishna Shrestha and the duo is popular with the title “Maha-Jodi”.

Personal Life

Born on Kartik 27th 2014 to Homanjaya Acharya and Ganesh Kumari, Archarya’s childhood was well spent in Kathmandu. He was married to Meera Archarya and they have two sons.


He started his career by performing with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat Avilashi in 2031 BS on Radio Nepal. Before performing with Madan Krishna Shrestha and becoming a part of the MAHA Jodi, he had struggled in the entertainment field alone for 6 years.

Lovipapi, Filim, Rajamati, Silu, Balidaan, Je Bho Ramrai bho, and Tan ta sarhai bigrish ni badri are some of his popular films that were immensely popular in the Nepali film industry. He was praised for his commercial roles as well.

Some of his remarkable comedy series like Lal Purja, Pandra Gatay, Bhakunde Bhoot, Series of Hari Bahadur and Madan Bahadur, 50/50, and Dashain ko Chyangra, will be cherished by Nepalese even after many years.

Hari Bansha Acharya has written his own biography in memory of his loving wife Mira Acharya who passed away few years back.

Best Actor in comic role which spoke largely of his meticulous sense of wit and humor. He has always delivered noticeable performances for his brilliant sense of characters and roles. He fills a lot of life into the role he plays.