Top 10 Bollywood Director of 2016


He is a versatile director of the Bollywood Industry. He is always with something unique in the plots of the movies and therefore has a story related in an effective manner. He direct lots of movie like Three Idiots, Munna Bhai and many more.

  • RAKESH ROSHAN: rakesh

Rakesh Roshan, father of handsome and cool Hrithik Roshan is also very multitalented in his job. He is said to be the mastermind behind many animated and suspense movies in India. In the past, he was an actor and now he involve in directing. He has given us hits like KRISSH3 and Raj kapoor.

  • KARAN JOHAR: karan

Karan Johar did a lot of movies in his early childhood days. He was an actor initially. He is also creative and talented director. When he grew up he had a strong urge to do something very creative and make the most out of his name. Karan Johar and Shah Rukh khan are fast friends. He gave us lots of movie like Yeh jawani Hai Deewaani and Student of the year are among many of his movies.

  •  YASH CHOPRA:yesh-raj

Yash Chopra is not with us but his every movie makes us to remember for him. He always create romantic movie and a movie maker of the recent times is among the best as well as the most admirable senior directors of Bollywood. The grasp of the success is very much high. Famous movies like Veer Zara, Dil toh Pagal Hai and many more hits are till now gems in the film industry.

  • ARBAZ KHAN:arbazHe is the youngest brother to the famous hero of the film industry, Salman Khan. It is not so long that Arbaz khan started his direction career but has proved himself as a highly successful man in the field of movie direction as well. He is also well known and talented director. His films like Dabbang 1 and Dabbang 2 were the super-hits by him.

Kabir Khan makes huge amount from the movies that he mostly directs and gives the most out of it. Kabir is blessed with God gifted skills which has urged him to carry out few perfect directions of the scripts. He presented movies like the: Ek tha tiger, New York and so on.

  • FARHAN AKHTAR:farah-khan

Farhan is not only an actor but also a famous director and model and a singer too. His looks are very much appealing and catchy to all eyes. He is too young to come down to the field of Direction. His successful movie like DON2 with Shah Rukh Khan and in this way he has proved himself to be the finest popular directors of India.

  • PRIYADARSHAN:priyadarshan

Priyadarshan, the name reigns over the film industry over a longer time and is mostly directors of the funny Bollywood movies of the recent times. He is hard worker and tries to give an amazing touch to the looks of their movies and make their movies successful. He presented movies like Rangrezz, Tezz, Khatta Mettha and so on.

  • MOHIT SURI:mohit

The Director of Ashiqui 2, a well known movie. The songs of the movie are still ranking among the hit list numbers of the romantic songs. He makes us remember to him after listening the Ashiqui 2 song.

  • ROHIT SHETTY:rphit

This talented and well versed Bollywood director has presented the public with various interesting movies of the time like the Singham, Chennai Express, and Golmaal and just now recently published Dilwale Movie. He has proved himself to be the best of the present eras. Therefore people’s expectations have raised a lot.

These top 10 popular Directors of the Bollywood in 2016 are still working too much on their projects so that the level of entertainment does not fall down. They are trying to gives full entertainment by providing the best movie.