Mum’s A Bounty Hunter

Barcroft TV has brought the story about a female who is a Bounty Hunter. She is not just a bounty hunter but she is the great mother at the same time who never compromise with the care of her children. She fulfills her every responsibility and after that she gets to her work that is a bounty hun^ter, who is a person who pursues a cr!m!n@l for whom a reward is offered.

She is a mother of 4 children and she overcame cancer and now she is hunting America’s most dangerous cr!m!n@ls so that she could pay off an $800,000 medical debt. She turned bounty hunter three years ago after overcoming the k!ller and serious disease for the second time. She has faced lots of problem on her life and she $trug^gled a lot in her life. You can hear and see the entire story in this video.