8 Reasons Why “C” Students Will Be The Most Successful People In World

“C” Students from others is that they understand the most important lessons in life aren’t learned in the classroom. This kind of knowledge has to be acquired the “hard way” – often through failure. There are countless of examples of brilliant people who didn’t do well in school. They are:


The world doesn’t need obedient and compliant factory workers anymore. The world needs artists, creative, hackers, and innovators.

  1. They understand what they want earlier than others 

“C” students don’t spend much time on the unnecessary classes we all have to.

They stop taking the required classes and focus on vocation-related subjects that can help them during their work.

2.  They get first-hand experience.

Most “C” students start working earlier than their peers, which lowers their marks as they have to skip classes to make a living. At the same time, they get priceless experience every “A+” graduate is missing.

3 They build networks.

They can be mostly frank to everyone so they can build good relationship with other. C students read tons of useful literature and communicate with dozens people every day. In real life, knowing powerful people as well as the ability to communicate can make a difference in your career.

4. They know how to enjoy life.

They do lots of enjoy in college, party, school everywhere. They take lots of enjoy by gathering with everybody. They know how to enjoy the life happily. Stressful, negative people, no matter how intelligent they are won’t be in the top list of candidates.

5.They find the simplest solutions.

Billionaire computer specialist Bill Gates is one of the many successful people who cannot show off with their college marks. Nevertheless, he managed to get to the top by building Microsoft, one of the giant IT corporations. They don’t think too much and they can easily find every solution without pressurizing any of them.

6.They pursue their dreams.

Much of success comes from loving what you do. When you enter college you are very young and might not understand what you actually need. The great example is all-known fun-lover Richard Branson; he dropped our school at the age of 15, now he is managing a giant air company “Virgin.”

7. They understand the meaning of struggle.

“C” students become more successful because they know what it means to struggle, starting with passing an exam and ending with finding money to start their own business. At the end of the day, grades are just numbers. True achievement is to become someone in a real world.

8. They have their own definition of success

C students know that security can only really be experienced internally. They know who they are. No external standard of success will ever compare to their own self-awareness and acceptance — they’ve defined success for themselves.