Some Bollywood celebrates who love to drink in real life

As we know that drinking alcoholic is harmful for body but also People get addicted for alcoholics for copying fame and success different life disasters. Every people has own desires like some to get fun by giving party, Some to sit with high class people, Some are addicted to chocolate, some to shopping, some to love etc.

Arjun Rampal


Arjun Rampal, the brand ambassador for Chivas, started drinking at 21 – quite late by normal standards. That is because he was training to be an athlete; acting came later. And he has since been addicted to alcohol.

Manisha Kiorala


Beautiful Actress Manisha Koirala love to drunk and now she is nicotine and alcohol addiction before she recovered from cancer is well known. Manisha Koirala was spotted in a drunken state at the launch party of a newly opened restaurant lounge at Versova, Mumbai.

Salman Khan


The Dabbang Khan is so addicted to alcohol and there are very news about that he mostly lost histemper in parties after getting drunk and his fight with Sharukh Khan is a big story between all others.

Ameshia Patel


In Private Party Amisha Patel was caught for taking one after one glass of wine. After that, she was looking so drunk and was not in her senses.

Sonam Kapoor


She was enjoying a private party and got so much drunk and later her friend leaked these images on social media. Leaked photos of Sonam Kapoor surfaced in which she is pictured drunk at private party


Dharmendra has been an alcoholic for a good 15 years – and he was able to kick the habit after he took up writing.

Suzanne Roshan


Hritrik Roshan Ex. Wife Suzanne Roshan was caught in so drunk condition when she was leaving the success party of “Deepika Padukone” for her movie “Cocktail”.

Sanjay Dutt


While all these things were happening at his party, Sanjay Dutt himself was too  drunk to notice. The actor was caught on tape cussing merrily in public.

Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan allegedly beat up filmmaker Shirish Kunder, the husband of Farah Khan, at a party hosted by actor Sanjay Dutt

Vidya Balan


Bollywood female celebrity Vidya Balan who lately made her debut in Bobby Jasoos movie in which also casts Ali Fazal, Supriya Pathak and Kiran Kumar was spotted drinking vine at an event!