Bollywood Celebrities Who Once Were Fat

Our dear Bollywood stars too have faced their share of “weighty” issues in the past. So, worry not! If they can do it, so can you. But for now, Let’s have a look on few actresses who were fat in past and fit in present.
Alia Bhatt

Heartthrob of every other person. This stunning actress who robs everyone’s heart from her debut movie ‘Student of Year’ wasn’t always as stunning as she looks today. She almost lost 16 kg of weight in 3 months.
Alia Bhatt Weight
Now – 54 Kg
Before – 70 Kg
Sonam Kapoor

Style Diva of Bollywood, was not as stylish as she is now. She weighed around 86 kg before she came into bollywood.
Sonam Kapoor Weight
Now – 57 Kg
Before – 86 Kg
Sonakshi Sinha

This superstar once weighed 94 kg and she took a challenge and reduced 30 kg which was not an easy for her.
Sonakshi Sinha Weight
Before – 94 Kg
Now – 60 Kg
Parineeti Chopra

This Bubbly and cute actress is a cousin of Miss World Priyanka Chopra. Parineeti accepts that she was 86 kg before joining the Bollywood.
Parineeti Chopra Weight
Now – 58 K.g
Before – 86 Kg
Zarine Khan

This model turned actress who started her Bollywood career from the movie ’Veer’. Princess of Veer faced lots of criticism due to her bulky body. Her weight was 100kgs when she started her career and now she is 57 kg.
Zarine Khan Weight
Now – 57 K.g.
Before – 100 K.g.