Chahanama Ma Timro By Sanjib Parajuli

A rom@nt!c song Chahanama Ma Timro with the lyrics and music of popular name Hercules Basnet, music arrangement of Almoda Rana Uprety and singing of Sanjib Parajuli have been launched.

Model and actor Bimlesh Adhikar’s wish to marry Belina in abroad have been featured in the music video of the song while most of the Nepalese artists are emigrating in abroad day by day.

Feminine Prasanna Paudel have directed the music video and HImal Joshi is coordinating with him in this music video with editing. Rajiv and Anup are in the camera for the music video.

The different beautiful scenario of America have been captured in this music video with a beautiful concept and portrait.This music video song have been taken from the album SUNAYA, where a team hopes to win the heart of every audiences.