Why do women forgive their cheating husband

Marriage is a beautiful relationship. It is the bond of trust, love and understanding. When we love someone truly we believe that we are meant to be together.

Marriage is especially the most important relation in their life. They try their best to maintain relationship .But unfortunately they are not respected by their partners and hence are cheated. Still they manage to forgive their husband and move on with their life.

Well there are various reasons why they forgive their unfaithful husbands. Some of them are listed as below.

 They don’t want to be failure


They leave everything behind and marry a man. In this context their failed marriage can be the reason which makes them feel useless and failure. Therefore they want to make things right and forgive their husband. And whether they walk out on him or he decides to leave, they do not want to be the woman who got dumped. They want the other woman to suffer.

Not well educated


Some women are not educated and they doubt themselves. They are not able to find profession on their own so they decide to stay on and move on with life.

 They feel that everyone deserves a second chance


Sometime in life we all make mistake and we all deserve second chance. So it gives them feeling that second time may work for them and things might get better.


A low esteem


Some women have very low self esteem. They are not confident in themselves. They need the support of others. As a result they forgive and forget. They have spent a long time with their spouse and even though he cheated, they feel that they still know him and so they do not have to fear the unknown or be with someone new after leaving him


Children Factor


Well they love their children more than anything. They don’t want their children to suffer. Broken homes bring complication to their children’s life. So they tend to overlook their husbands mistakes. It is more convenient and comfortable that way.


 A strong faith that true love still exists


She has loved him insanely. She has been honest and committed. So she still believes that things will get better and he will again love her.