“I was tr!cked into being sold”, says the Vietnamese girl child


Young girls as 13 say that they are either tr!cked or drug[ged and then smu(ggled across the border to china. There they are forced into marriage. The villages near the Vietnamese-Chinese border have now become a hunting ground for human traffickers. It is believed that young Vietnamese women are very much valuable in china as a gender imbalance has hit china.

China, where one-child policy and long-standing preferences for sons is prevailed, it has created a demand for Vietnamese brides. In short, it reveals that Chinese men want brides.

Ha Thi Van Khanh, national project coordinator for the U.N.’s anti-trafficking organization in Vietnam says, “It costs a very huge amount of money for normal Chinese man to get married to a Chinese woman.” According to the tradition of China, Chinese groom have to pay for an elaborate banquet along with the purchase of a new home to live in after the wedding. This sounds and that is the reason why they are trying to import women from their neighboring countries. Also, the culture of China and Vietnam is quite similar.

By promising to get paid a huge amount in China, girls are being smuggled. The Vietnamese police are sometimes successful in rescuing girls while crossing the border. But sometimes those who are not rescued in raids have to be on their own to get out from there.