Hindu Follower Opening Some Facts Of Christianity

Lately, a trend of changing  religion is increasing. Especially, people are turning to Christianity as the advertisement of this religion is done a lot. Religion doesn’t need any advertisement, people can follow any religion they want. But we can see the advertisement of Christianity is on trend. People who are following this religion encourage other person to follow it as well. They put on their effort so that people gets impressed and changed their religion to Christianity.

Here in this video you can see a interview about a person who used to be Hindu but he turned . to Christian after hearing a lot about this religion and he started to live in church for few months but he followed that in this religion other religions are getting dominated. The Christian people dominant other religion, they don’t count and they only tell wrong about the other religion like Hinduism, Buddhism etc.He told that he didn’t find anything right with whatever they said there and he after lots of months found that there is no any truth on this religion and he thought that they are just advertising and dominating other religion so he thought to get back to the truth and that is Hinduism.