Understand! Coffee Have Been Excessive, If These 5 Signals Seen

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

We are presenting brief description about the signals appeared because of excessive coffee consumption.

1. Your stomach starts to ache

Stomach problem also occur with bad, stale and rotten food. Stomach ache occurs in women before the menstruation cycle begin. However, your coffee drinking habit also may be the cause of your stomach ache. A research have found that chemical factors found in coffee will enable an acid production inside the stomach and gives stomach blow and gastric problem. So, if you are having regular stomach pain, then stop to drink coffee more than 1/2 cup in a day.

2. Your heartbeat starts to be faster

A research shows that caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are the main component for irregularity in heartbeat. Sometimes, sudden faster heartbeat may cause fatigue and also unconscious. So, understand that coffee consumption have been excessive, if you feel heartbeat gets faster as you drink coffee.

3. Diarrhea occurs

Regular coffee consumption gives relief to stomach disorders and regular toilet. But, the excessive volume of coffee in a day may cause diarrhea. So,if you are going through irregularities in bathroom, then stay away from coffee for few days.
4. Could not sleep

Caffeine of coffee remains for 14 hours inside our physical system, this means it’s effect will remain constant for 14 hours. This will give direct impact on the quality of sleep. So, if there is a problem in sleep, end your coffee before the 2 pm.
5. Your head begins to ache
Coffee intake will give relief during the headache and migraine problem.But, intake of coffee more than 500 mg (more than 5 cups) will give negative impacts, which will give headaches, tiredness and many other problem. It is important to reduce an intake of coffee if such problem are seen in you.