Body Artist Brings Comic Book Characters To Life

Barcroft TV brings  great artist tale this time. Kay Pike is a makeup artists who brings life to characters of cartoon just using make up and body paint. This is such a wonderful creation. Kay Pike is a women from Calgary, Canada. She creates the wonderful and stunning artwork on her body and she transform herself in the various characters of superhero and villains from comic and various movies and cartoons.She  transforms herself into such characters like Batman, Superman, Dead pool and Poison Lvy. She also recreates manga and video game character. She has gained lots of followers in her social site impressing her fans with her creativity.

Kay is just 28 years old artist as well as a co-splay model and nowadays she dedicates her most of the time to live-streaming the transformation to her fans and posting about her creation on YouTube. In this video you can see the see the entire story about her and her life style. How can she come up through such arts, she is describing each and every thing on this video.