Cr@ck any Wi-Fi password

Today we are going to list some apps which will help to you cr@ck a Wi-Fi password in a snap.

1. WIFI and Router Password Finder:
This app works on offline mode and with this app, you can easily log in.

2. WIFI Hacker Password Simulator:
If the password of wifi is default then you can easily cr@ck the password with this app.

3. WIFI Free:
This app tells you about the nearest ‘Hotspot password’. All password are shared by people all over the world. So, it is like a free wifi which is based on your location.

4. WIFI Password Breaker:
This is an amazing app which can be used. For every network you want to break, you can generate a new password for it.

5. WIFI Hacker:
If you are searching for a perfect app then this app will helps you to pass any fire wall easily and cracks the password for you. The automatic functions of it can break password of any wifi. The app is available for free on android.